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20 wax plates to design, decorate and decorate candles

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Add color and creativity to your candle projects with our set of 20 wax plates. Each of the supple wax plates is made in Germany and measures 135 x 60 x 0.5mm. They're made of pure kerosene candle wax and offer superior workmanship.

This set features an extensive color selection, including gold and silver. It offers you colors like cream, yellow, light orange, orange, red, purple, pink, salmon, pink, blue, pastel blue, light blue, green, pastel green, olive, white, black and brown. This allows you to create expressive and individual candle creations.

Ideal for decorating communion candles, confirmation candles, wedding candles, christening candles, Christmas candles, wedding candles, Easter candles and candle blanks - our wax sheets offer countless design possibilities.

A plus point: the wax sheets are self-adhesive. You do not need any additional glue. Body heat makes the wax pliable and easy to work with.

This wax sheet set is a great gift idea and a unique addition to your craft projects. Let your creativity run wild with our wide variety of wax plates.