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12 candle wax colors to make candles yourself

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Our candle color set offers you a palette of 12 intense colors to custom color your own candle wax. Each 2.5g pack contains enough highly concentrated wax pigment to color 300-600g of wax. This makes them perfect for soy wax, kerosene wax, beeswax or palm wax and an ideal match for any candle pouring set.

We attach great importance to quality and safety, so our candle pigments are made in Germany according to strict regulations. They are 100% non-toxic, safe and vegan, so you can pour and decorate your candles without worry.

Even if you are new to candle making, coloring wax with our pigments is a breeze: simply mix the colored wax pigment with wax granules and heat the colorful mixture to about 70-80°C in the melting pot. Then pour the liquid wax into molds with candle wick - detailed instructions in German are included in the set.

Our set is the perfect gift for all DIY lovers and candle enthusiasts. With our candle wax colors you can design and decorate candles for all occasions, whether wedding candles, Christmas candles, Easter candles, communion candles, confirmation candles, christening candles and much more. Let your creativity run wild and design your very own unique candles!