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10 pieces shrink films transparent - shrink plastic films for crafting

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Our extensive shrink film set includes 10 shrink films in 21x30 cm format, all without pre-drawn motifs. This makes them perfect for anyone who wants to express their creativity, from beginners to advanced.

The process is simple: draw your motif on the matte side of the shrink wrap sheets with crayons, color it in, cut it out and put it in the oven. The object shrinks to about 40% of its original size and the colors become more intense. Each shrink film has a rough side and a smooth side. While the rough side is suitable for regular crayons, you can use permanent markers on the smooth side.

This shrink wrap set makes an ideal gift, whether for children's birthday parties, Mother's Day gifts, vacations, or for adults to craft with. It provides great crafting fun for kids at Christmas and Easter and comes with detailed instructions to help you get started.